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About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a talking treatment which aims to help the sufferer better understand their feelings and overcome emotional difficulties. If you haven't had psychotherapy or counselling before, you may feel anxious about what it entails and you may have some questions. It's paramount that you feel safe with your psychotherapist, which can make choosing someone you have never met before to work with, a daunting experience. For this reason, I offer a no obligation consultation session, where we explore what brings you to psychotherapy, your hopes for the future, and to see how we might work together.

How long will it take before I start feeling better?

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to psychotherapy, so each person's experience will be unique. I offer open ended psychotherapy, using predominantly psychodynamic and relational models, where we work in an in-depth way to explore your problems; but sometimes, short term, time limited work, over 12 sessions, where we focus on a specific issue or navigate through a difficult period, can be an option if it's appropriate for your situation.

Psychotherapy usually takes place at the same time and location each week in a totally confidential, open and non judgemental environment. My practice is well located in Fulham / Putney - a short walk from Parson's Green, Putney Bridge or Putney mainline stations or remotely, via Zoom should that be preferable. Each session will always last 50 minutes.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Each step of the way, we work together to understand what might be causing your distress and as we move forward, we may uncover patterns or dynamics from your past, which may have some bearing on your current situation. However long you choose to be in psychotherapy, the insight gained from increased self awareness in the process, can help to enhance many areas of your life, from:

  • improving your relationships - at home and at work
  • increasing your self-esteem
  • alleviating anxiety
  • managing stress
  • improving your mood
  • alleviating suffering
  • improving sexual relationships
  • gaining confidence in your sense of self or your identity
  • building resilience to help you better manage emotional issues, traumatic situations or issues you may face around loss or grief.

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